About Us

Tonks Tree Service knows and loves trees. If you are a new client or someone i have worked with before, I will come out to your place and talk to you about your trees. I will work with you and see what needs to be done first. 

Tonk’s Tree service is committed to doing the right thing on your property. If your trees need pruning for clearance and safety we can do that. I am a certified arborist and my crew is trained in correct practices. We do pruning and make Proper cuts and know when to take some weight out of a heavy limb to keep it from breaking. If your trees are dead or have come to a point where the risk level is too high, we are ready to take them down and manage the debris at the same time. We know when it’s time to climb or use a bucket truck.We have two 18 inch chippers and a 12 inch chipper, a skidsteer and a dump trailer for managing logs and a 120hp tow behind stumpgrinder, the largest in the county, to grind the stumps. Working around obstacles is nothing new and is what makes our job so interesting.

Please visit our photo gallery to see some of our crew and equipment in action.