Brush and Wood Chipping

woodchipper - Tonks Tree Service

When it comes to tree work, the brush and wood chipper is an indispensable machine for a safe and complete job. We clean up as we go to ensure a safe working environment and eliminate the need to have another service come out to clean up after the tree is on the ground. We have two 18 inch chippers and a 12 inch chipper different machines are suited to different situations. We also have a CAT277 Skidsteer that can assist with the chipping and moving of debris. I say Brush and wood chippers because it depends on what we are chipping for example, our 18 inch chippers chip wood in excess of 18 inches leaving you with a clean, workable area. They also make nice wood chips often paying for the scope of the work with the wood chips. 

Visit our photo/video gallery to see some of these beasts in action!