Stump Grinding and Removal

Stump grinder

The best way to get rid of a stump is with a stumpgrinder. A Stumpgrinder is a machine with a big wheel that essentially turns a stump into mulch. We have the largest tow behind in the county with a 120hp and two smaller machines as back up. With large stumps, the mulch flares up and usually has to be moved in order to complete the grinding process. Stumpgrinding has some inherent hazards suchh as flying debris which we try to eliminate by covering windowswith plywood and removing cars from the immeniate area. We also rely on a safe working space and insist that people are at least 50ft away from the work zone. We have seen water lines that have gone through a underground utilities. Once the stump is ground down, it can stay where it is or spread out with the loader. 

Please visit our photo/video gallery to see these machines in action!

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